Have everybody asking

“Whats your secret?” 

“What’s she on? – I’ll have triple of that!” 

Quit fighting age. Work with it. 

courageous ageless woman 

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shape up your lifestyle

An intentional guide for the savvy, health conscious woman who wants instant lifestyle solutions. Of course, she knows everything, has  tried everything, and NOTHING is working.  She is royally ticked off every time she steps on the scale. She gives up, again! Sigh!

Getting older or being healthy does not have to be so hard – promise!

courage moves

Of course, you have courage! The secrets out. Baggy tops don’t get rid of belly fat or muffin tops. No-one buys this magical trick, neither do you. Be honest.  It’s just a tired back up plan that no one talks about until you shop with your besties! Use your courage to feel better, look fabulous and action your success with ease.

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food nourishes

Food is everything!  It nourishes, heals, comforts, excites, loves, repairs, socializes, it also disappoints, saddens, is shameful, greedy, dysfunctional, multi emotional, embarrassing. and more.

Does anyone talk about this?

When you master your food, you master your thighs, your abs, your butt, you gut, your skin, your hair, your mood, your energy, your groove, your whole dang self.  There is no magic in eating healthy for results. No more food fighting.

 It’s not a war, it’s your life!

action wins

So you are brave! Today do you feel, tired, overwhelmed, overworked, and over fat? Or do you feel excited, hopeful, ready to kick some A’s for fast, feel good, outstanding results, just by starting. Somewhere, somehow. Let’s do it!

Bravery: Courage becomes real when you take ACTION.

Consistent Action gets results.

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Happiness is a 

Year Well Lived

2017 could be your year to have it all! 

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my secret super powers

After 6 decades you know I’ve got some secret sauce and unfair advantage. here are some of the powers I am gifted to work with you!


Find stories to inspire, motivate, inform, love and share! If it matters to you, it matters to me! If it has happened to me, we may just share the same divine experiences. No two women are alike, there is only one of us - but our experiences are shared. This is how we love, heal, grow and become keepers of the world of peace, love and happiness. As they say "Sharing is Caring". Dive in!
TheVoice Woman Of The Week Interview

TheVoice Woman Of The Week Interview

In Oktober 2016, I was featured in the Saint Lucian magazine "The Voice" for their Woman Of The Week. Find it using the link below or read it up here. Original author and journalist for this was Ms. Rochelle Gonzales and it was an inspiring and lovely interview! Thank...

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How to resolve finding that work-life balance

How to resolve finding that work-life balance

JAMES A. MICHENER says it this way: The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which....

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Re-Post: My Interview HER DESIGN STORY

Re-Post: My Interview HER DESIGN STORY

In February this year, I was invited to an interview with lifestlye and design blogger/coach/lifestyler Carmen Darwin. Featured for her section called Her Design Story, she asked me many questions that both clarified and intensified my convictions, goals, ideals and...

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I love to connect with amazing women, and as you are reading this, that is YOU. Yes, you magnificent multi-tasker, mother, daughter, wife, sister, baddass adventurer, universal woman.

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