How I dreamed about my 60th on my 50th birthday – and sh*t it’s close!


April, 2017

My Journal

Lucky Bitch! I’m on a private plane to St Bart’s the playground of the chic, rich and famous. We are drinking champagne and getting ready for an exciting time. A mega surprise gift from a great client who is also an awesome best friend and mentor.

Some people were happy for me others not so much but that’s a whole other drama for another time!I am doing 50 and fabulous whilst looking 10 years younger, yet,  my heart clocking in at 100 years old! I need this break, this lifeline!  What kind of lifeline do you need to support your hopes and dreams and manifest what you

I need this break, this lifeline!

What kind of lifeline do you need to support your hopes and dreams and manifest what you desire?This particular 50th birthday I am confident at looking my utmost best, fit, strong, sexy and healthy.


My business is rocking but my personal life is on the road to shambles.

Enjoy the life, the beach, the time!

Photograph  via Unsplash

I’m laying on the chic beach of our swanky boutique hotel. I dodging the sun rays with my Dolce & Gabbana shades whilst embracing the warm sensuous breeze blowing my La Perla ensemble, in between nibbling on pain aux Chocolat and a cafe noir. Dang! this is the life!

Happy Land! Freedom. Nothing to do but chill!  LaLa Island lifestyle!

I’ve got everything going for me, the list is endless! Real Life tropical island living on the daily, great business, great friends. Fantastic children, parents, siblings, house, car and the plenty of good health.  Want more do I want? Should I even whisper or shout I want more for ME?  What’s missing?

Year’s ago I got absorbed in self-help books, sites, podcasts, events, and blogs.

I just never got it? that yearning, that angst that undefined empty spot!

I have since secretly transformed into a voracious greedy goblin of self-help, self-care, me time, meditating, manifesting master.  I learned daily to ditch the guilt, eat the chocolate, do the work to shape up my lifestyle into something I recognize and want and truly deserve.

Now I get it–like me holding a freight train with pantyhose nylons waiting for something to break away or crash! BOOM! Here she comes ready or not!

Ok, rewind,  back to the beach and celebrity life! Oh yes, St Bart’s French Caribbean.

I drift off and daydream about 10 years from now I will be 60!  What do I want to see and be?  I am now 50!

I figure if you get 10, 20 or 30 years more to live what do you do with it, what can you accomplish, love, see, feel, do, share? 

How much quantity over quality do you want?

Do you crave a whole other lifestyle! A whole other love? or this but better?

So here is my “YOU ARE A BADASS”  checklist, ala Jen Sincero, 10 things I expect by age 60 based on a week by the beach 10 years ago!

The Ten Things

I wrote down with 50 to have done by my 60th (in no particular order):

  • Visibly Fit, Sane and Sexy.  All in the same sentence.
  • Total Financial independence
  • Create a new love filled (for me) business
  • Put my current business out to pasture
  • Do Me first!
  • Send independent well loved and confident young adults out into the world!
  • Travel extensively, meet new very interesting people!
  • Fall in love with myself, rule my world!
  • Create a movement!
  • Still Rock a bikini!

NOTE: I have done 7 on this list and the others are close enough to close that zipper! Follow me here to find out which ones:


Almost done!

Enjoying and celebrating life

Photograph by Danny Deveaux and via Unsplash

I am been using my lifetime of superhero (shero) powers for “all about everyone else,” you are welcome! As women of the world, this is what we all do, the mothers, the daughters, the sisters, the lovers, teachers, the coaches, the gathers, protectors, soothers, listeners, fixers, carers the list is endless.  When is your time?

I have some happy news.  I will have some lovely freebie gifts for you during my birthday month.

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I dare you TODAY to make your list for your next milestone.

Choose 1 day, 1 month, 1 year or 5 or 10 years from now ALL ABOUT YOU!

Let’s celebrate together the countdown to making sixty, looking 45 and feeling 35!

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hey, it’s that age when people respect that you can do “whatever the “Feck” you want”.  Let’s go Courageous Ageless Women…who is with me? join my FREE group

Let’s go Courageous Ageless Women..whose with me? join my FREE group

See you inside. Celebrate your world!

Always to our best, your Marie

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