Here is my equation: Work=Life=Balance

Work-Life balance should be my middle name.

I am a mother of 3 boys. I have 3 businesses, aging parents, siblings, team members. I am a woman in midlife working on living it at her finest with personal and powerful intention. So what did I do? I closed. My most loved, and successful businesses of 20 years plus. Sportivo Health and Fitness club. How did I decide to close a long time successful business and start my new love: I Am Ready World? That’s another story…launching soon.

As your Midlife Shape-up Strategist and Health Coach. I adore, and I’m excited about feeding your hunger for health and happiness education through hosting and presenting corporate and public, workshops, retreats, events, and intentional experiences using Personal Power development in team building. As I am inspired to reaching out and inward from a tropical island to the world. It’s the perfect recipe for me and soon to be you for our best time of our lives, work-life balance.Click here so you don’t miss a thing. This intention is my life, my love, my work and my calling. Having you bring out the best in yourself with the magic of your personal power, makes me happy happy happy! YOU KNOW THE SONG! If I worried about work-life balance, I would not have closed one business to open another! Would you?

Have you ever had to decide if something is more work with less love? or less work with more love?

I choose to move upward to a self-actualized life. I am learning to care less about senseless distractions and just do the work. Why? because if we are making a dedicated effort to getting healthier, physically, emotionally and spiritually so that we can live longer with a better quality of life. Then, time is on our side. Did you know getting more sleep can help with work-life balance during midlife? check it out better and more sleep I wake up to live in the NOW – (NOT EASY) but possible, with personal intention. I love, I work, I play, I work, I live. I work, I share, I work……. It’s all work and IT’S all life. I’m loving it all because I know I can, and should, AND because others may not have that opportunity.

Like you I have those DAYS.

“Wow, I am brilliant this is great” to “Oh no, what was I thinking, I suck” back to “Hey, this is the life”…….A day in the life of an entrepreneur?

Do your believe you can learn Work-life balance with intention? Are you living it?

Grab a pen and something clean to write on, because here coem the essential questions: