Next step:(for me)

I will Share my stories (you can too) and blogs that are stored in a BIG black book.
I will organize and clean up the ones that are in MANY folders on my computer. They need to come up for air and given new life.
Do you have a secret place for your unpublished work?
No More safe keeping! Get it out there. I want to read it!

I Am Ready World! What about you?

I am excited for you to reach out and share your midlife work-life balance stories or insights with me. The more I listen, read, do, the better I can be of service. Oh yes here’s the link to join my next Free Meditation and Self Care challenge Self-care and Meditation Challenge always to our BEST

-Marie Andrew Piazza

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Marie Andrew Piazza of I Am Ready World is in the business of helping busy professional women over 45, live life after 45 at their Finest. This is achieved through, coaching, corporate and public workshops and retreats on a platform of health, fitness and personal power. This will include online products, services and live events where they can merge Business and Downtime. Be Ready to unleash you’re the Courageous Ageless Woman in you! I am Ready to be of service to you.

Reach out: Tell me what you need. Shape-up Your Lifestyle now!

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