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Courageous Ageless Woman. What’s your secret?

“Let YES keep coming out of your lips like heavenly nectar. Reserve your NO as your secret weapon! Use it with loving kindness and a pepper dash of badassery to Live the Lifestyle you Love!”

Marie Piazza

Have courage: Age does not define you!

As you enter into your ageless life (does that number honestly define you?)., Are you there yet,  feeling the rumble of not giving a rat’s ass or donkey tail about confusing your YES I CAN,  with your  NO,  I CAN’T. Use your unapologetic right to change your mind a gazillion times if the mood takes you. But, just CHOOSE!

Because it isn’t your lack of courage that keeps you stuck and stagnant but your lack of action driven by your underlying emotions in seeking validation outside of yourself even though you feel your truth deeply.

Your time to speak up is now. What do you want?

Finish these sentences:

What if I … ?

Wouldn’t it be nice  if …?

It’s why I am here. For you!

When I became an Integrative Nutrition health coach years ago, it saved my life, my soul, my future, my fun, my clients, my universe. Yes, that’s me in the picture at my first conference in Long Beach. CA. 

Let’s continue. where was I?  Ah yes: middle age.

No one likes to be called middle aged. I get that. Listen, it comes to all of us. Call it what you like, I am here to  share with you.

It’s your destiny to live life at your finest!

Have you every felt like you are struggling with courageous woman agenda. I was, mine was full of family, work, dishes, finances, aging parents, juggling 3 businesses, 3 kids, pets and plants. I had everything, beautiful surroundings, loved by many,  thankful and grateful. 

yet. still. something was missing. I dug deep and wide and Yay! I found it.  Are you ready?

Let’s find your missing something….that will make you glorious, slimmer, sexier, happier, healthier, fitter, joyful and brings each day full of pleasure. Let’s define your secret courageous ageless woman.