Ciao Bella,

You are here the Shape Up Your Lifestyle hot spot. Coming soon will be the Academy, Masterminds and private memberships.

I am marie piazza your Certified IIN health coach, visionary connector and shape up your lifestyle strategist ready to help you reach your new awesomeness. You are in the right place!

Is this you? over 45,  busy female entrepreneur, love your online passionate work. your time is tight.

Your self care took a hike. No matter if you are new in business or a seasoned professional. you are fatter, out of shape, tired, grumpy, bitchy, itchy, hot, overwhelmed, over stressed, ticked off that you unintentionally let  your personal health and fitness go to the dogs.

You think you’ve been eating less, exercising more and doing the right things, yet still….nothing is working when.


You spent lots of time in shoulda and coulda land. I should exercise, i should eat right, i should get more quality sleep, i could start a food plan, i could hire a coach, i could so something…..anything I just want to feel inspired, motivated, at ease, uplifted, productive, sexy, carefree, organized.

is it your fault?, are you confused? do you know too much?, or do you want to be told what to do already, so that everything will fit so you can  feel the pleasure of being healthy, sleek and energized every day. Listen up. Watch the video. Let’s share what I am all about live, face to face.  this is your first instant step to the promise of quick and simple results. Are you in?

Join the Shape Up Your Lifestyle Academy (SUYLA) and our private membership soon.

Video updates and news to motivate and inspire you! Look out for regular posts of inspiring videos from me or from some of my favourite places. The topics will be varied, always inspirational for the dream lifestyle that will be yours.