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Are you Over 40, Over the hill? Definitely NOT permanent!

Trust me on this!  A good time to start is now!

Perhaps, you would you like to RE-START  with your courage to live this time of your life (midlife and beyond) at your fit and finest.

Together we can make a clear small step strategy on how to create your action plan.

Go from “nothing fits”  to fit and fabulous! this is your moment!

I know your Story, maybe…

You WANT to be fit, healthy strong, sexy and everything in between.  Perhaps you feel powerless, stuck in a lifestyle crisis, lost your warrior of love mojo, afraid to dig deeper and find a hormone raging, moody and unworthy wishy washy woman? I get that!

I’ve been right where you are now:

18 months ago I closed my very popular Health and Fitness Club OF 20 PLUS YEARS.  I am (WAS) the queen of workouts, personal training, health coaching,  strength training, group fitness, spinning, yoga pilates and a gazillion other new and improved “it” programs.  It was darn fun!.

A year later I decided to follow my passion and launching my online business I Am Ready World, I dove into my expert online work, did less movement, stressed about tech, and all the above that comes with journey.  My waistline went a different direction…and I should know better. Right! True, but  I had to learn to act better, ditch the emotional eating and thinking and get on the A train.

Are you open to seamlessly manage your health, work, play and reclaim your sexiness no matter how old you are or how old  you feel right now! There is a way out!

Stop wasting precious time dieting, fretting over calories, avoiding social engagements,  trolling the internet for inspiration and avoiding getting your passion work done because you feel tired and burnt out much quicker than ever.

If you are ready up level your mindset, shape up your whole lifestyle and become the woman you know you deserve to be!   I am right here. Connect with me today! Let the journey begin.

Are you ready to change it all? 

We all come from a life of struggles and blessings. Sometimes the struggles have been longer and harder than we like to admit and life has left us unhappy with our bodies, health, job and ourselves.

Our hormones have raged at us, our kids may have accused us of our second teenage phase. And maybe they are right, maybe we are back in a phase where we have to rediscover ourselves!  About time too!

But that can be terrifying. We are well passed our  40’s, life feels set in stone but WE ARE NOT! 

It’s never too late and never to hard to start now and become who you want to be, how you want to be and where you want to be!

This is about much more than only your physical fitness and nutrition. This is about YOU.  the whole you. your holistic universal you.  Your Circle of Life. Your hopes, dreams tucked away somewhere waiting to be rediscovered.

Mix in your health. courage. self worth. confidence. work. love.

Let me help you get to where and how you want to be!  Get ready to explore more.

More than just your coach

As an ambassador for health and happiness, Marie is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer and expert group fitness trainer, motivational speaker and event organizer.

She teaches and supports professional women over 45 to “Shape Up Your Lifestyle” by creating simple health, fitness, well being solutions and strategies for work and play.  She encourages women to reconnect with their Courageous Ageless Self and dive deep to bring out their personal power of intention. You have the code for your full power of intention to live your life abundantly,  secretly or arms wide open, you can bring out your  “woo woo” to serve your higher purpose.

First and foremost my super powers include:

mother, daughter, sister, wife, dishwasher, homemaker, entrepreneur,coach, niece, cousin, chef, fixer, mixer, pet lover, vegetable, fruit eating, wine tasting, best friend, travel buddy,  beach bum, spa, loving kinda woman.

more?…for sure! how about you? Name your super daily powers!

I look forward  to meeting you soon!

let others tell you about it

listen to the experiences of other people, their success and why you should connect with me right now!

IAmReadyWorld provides a refreshing approach to work-place training. The focus on holistic development and how it relates to our professional productivity is commendable. The 10 day pre-training challenges created a fun, healthy and still competitive outlet for our staff whilst contributing to a positive focus on personal development.

The experience with Marie was a good one.

Human Resources Management,

HR Teambuilding, Invest St Lucia.

Marie, my trusted friend and one of the best trainers I believe, in the world. She not only has helped me with fitness, but inspires me with confidence whenever we get together. My self-esteem improves after every session with her and the benefits of our exercise  together over the past 15 years are obvious to all who know me. She has a huge smile, is intelligent, enthusiastic and highly supportive, and her repertoire of fitness routines extraordinary. There is never repetition.
A lovely, lovely, lady.
Thank you for all your encouragement.
Lee Myers

Director, Sugar Beach Hotel and Resorts , St. Lucia

Over a period of 8 weeks my weight loss totaled more than 10lbs and many inches disappeared – including over 3″ off my waist, 2″ off my thighs and 3″ off my hips! I feel great and keep being told that I look great, too!

My reward to myself was shopping to new clothes since my old clothes got so baggy. Now that’s a wonderful feeling!

My only regret? – Not hiring Marie sooner!

Karen X.

Manager, Hotels and Resorts, SLU

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