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your team needs a shape up strategist?

for a seminar?  for team building?

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I host and organize retreats for private and corporate causes.

Bring yourself, your life, your company back in shape!

More than fitness – experience holistic change for you and your work life!

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visionary connector

I can see more than the bigger picture. I see YOU dominate the show wherever you want. Talk about vision!

multiplex consultant

I make things come together: your job? your health? your business? your relationships?  your dog? No problem!


personal motivator

It all starts and ends with YOU! And sometimes you need that kick in the lazy-department! I drop fantastic kicks with love!

intense organizer

I schedule the schedule, calculate the calendar and make sure that things work out WHEN and WHERE you need them

team shaper

sweat out any and all unwanted, unproductive mindset! Go for that happy, sexy shape up – mentally & physically

global networker

drawing on an international network of like-minded, superhero women that rock! Join our “secret” fellowship

A great start to a great collaboration!

Life is full of unforseen circumstances, great and not so great. Travel, vacation, special occasions, illness, work? Do you have special event coming up and need an intense reshaper? Wedding, Marathon, competition, speaking event, tv/video? Planning something special for you and another? Anniversary, milestone, reunion?

With specially tailored plans and a clarity call you can always count on getting the best out of your precious time!


A small, one week program that makes sure you:

  • get motivated
  • get started
  • get excited
  • get healthier
  • quick, easy and stress-free!

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It’s not always easy to forsee the future (and yesh, we do try), so maybe you don’t know how many days you can meet up next week? Or if you can go on a refreshing 3-days fast because your cousin invited you to a lavish wedding?

With my membership plan you can soon pay a set fee every month and take advantage of various programs and events during that time – stick around for more information and details by signing up to my newsletter.

I am all about building upon a solid platform of health, fitness and wellness, there is more that we can create together!

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