Here is a tweet from Bo:

Don’t be ashamed when you get off course. It happens. YOUR job is to right the ship. # BoEason
What prompted me to write this post?

Today several times I have come across the same threads on work, life, balance, etc. I wish I had written some of them. But, I felt, for me something was missing: Learning “The Personal Power of Intention” and what stage in your midlife development you actually are, in regard to the work-life equation.

Another person I admire, Sir Richard Branson and Virgin. He connects, disrupts until it makes “his crazy sense” that I can relate to. His post on Linkedin was “Answering Questions on Work-Life Balance”. I clicked “your posts” on Linkedin by mistake whilst “exploring” the Richard post. (I was told this happens often).

So this blank post page came up on beckoned me. Clean clear and ready. Now meets the future. Before I even finished reading Sir Richard Branson’s post, here I was fired up to start this post. I’ll go back and finish reading Richard’s Q & A, and I am sure it will be fabulous.

Have you ever had a perfect excuse to start something, get involved?

Here was mine.

I just wanted to share my take on it all. No judgments.

I have been struggling with posting my work, thoughts or experiences on a social media platform since starting my new business and wanting to have an authentic presence online. This required getting involved in social media, figuring out which ones work for me(or you), making sure I am relevant and interesting and of course reach and know my audience, my tribe, my people, who are busy women 45-60. Women who are (shh! menopausal) AND want to live midlife at their finest. I consider them to be the Courageous Ageless Woman!

What is work life Balance in the middle years?

Read my answer…!