Ask yourself. What the Heck does Work-Life Balance to you?

ARE YOU PREPARED TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS TRUTHFULLY? (Remember, there is no right or wrong answer)

  1. What answer would make me satisfied?
  2. As an individual what do I need and how should it feel: Work-Life Balance?
  3. WHO do I know that has achieved this, how can I learn from them to better myself and get what I desire?
  4. WHAT action steps and daily habits could I create as markers for my progress?
  5. HOW can I strive for happiness and recognize it when it comes?
  6. DO I really care enough to pursue it further?
  7. What’s your biggest FEAR, STRUGGLE, BLIND SPOT?
  8. When will you start DOING something about it?


I’m a city girl who lives on a beautiful tropical island, AND it’s time for me to go to the beach ( I have not been in months). I have some silly yet valid(to me) reasons why. My top answer and my CAW’S was (rather than is) NOTHING FITS!

Yes, that’s me in the photo doing my warrior pose(balance required) on a beautiful beach with the sand shifting beneath my feet and the waves lapping at my ankles and my photography/friend saying “yes, yes, that’s great, could you hold it a little longer (repeat, repeat). Of course, I can, it’s my Midlife Balancing Act!

What is your go-to pleasure? Go to it. Create some fun and play!

Work-Life Balance isn’t going anywhere without you!

We are in it together. Does this make sense to you?

This article is one of my many first steps to work-life balance. I am an expert at coding what works and giving you what you want and then what you need.

Do you have the courage to start writing publicly at any age?